Revelation Book Review

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The Book of Revelation  by Fr. Mark Avery

The Book of Revelation is a Biblical graphic novel that includes the complete text from the book of Revelation based on the original Greek. It includes all verses and is rich with images, which dominate the text. The book is organized by chapters and provides a dramatic presentation of the book of Revelation. The images correspond with the text very well and the quality of this book, especially the images, is superb. It is very engaging and presents a vivid picture of John’s writing throughout though the all black background is a little distracting and dark.  It is a very creative way to approach the scripture, especially a complicated and image rich book such as Revelation. I am concerned about this medium for scripture, as it may create an approach to scripture that is more consumer based. Yet it also makes the scripture more approachable and could help it come alive for others. The danger would be if a tool like this is used in isolation. Revelation is poetic literature, and an image-based treatment such as this one may cause the reader to take Revelation literally, which I do not believe is the intent of this particular book of the Bible. As a pastor who works with children and youth, I could see older elementary youth as well as middle school youth enjoying this book. I am not sure high school youth would enjoy it as much. In teaching middle school youth, Revelation dominates many of their questions. This book could be a helpful tool for children and youth who have interest in Revelation or find meaning in image rich presentations of story.

Rev. Marcus J Carlson has worked with children and youth for over 14 years and is a spiritual director. He current serves as Associate Pastor at Bethel Lutheran Church in Colorado Springs, CO. (

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