Book Review: Youth Workers Commentary on John Vol 1

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A Youth Worker’s Commentary on John: Volume 1 (John 1-8)

Les Christie & David Nystrom

A Youth Worker’s Commentary on John is more than a devotional and has much more depth that most youth ministry curriculum. This tool provides background information on the book of John as it walks through the first eight chapters. It includes great questions that can be used for personal study or for with your youth. This would be a very helpful tool for any youth worker teaching from the book of John. While it is more than a devotional or a curriculum, I would not exactly call it a commentary. While this tool provides great, in depth information on the book of John and uses some good sources of information, it is not at the level of an academic commentary. That said, I would highly recommend this for all youth workers, as it is a great resource.

Rev. Marcus J Carlson has worked with children and youth for over 13 years and is a spiritual director. He current serves as Associate Pastor at Bethel Lutheran Church in Colorado Springs, CO. (

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